Sports Premium  

The government provides extra funding for primary school sport, known as the ‘Sports Premium’. Funding is allocated directly to schools with primary aged pupils,  providing a dedicated resource to improve PE and sport provision.   

We aim to increase both participation and opportunities to take part in/try new sports.  

We have been allocated £18,968 for 2018/19



Key achievements from last year's funding are shown below:

  • There is a range of after school and lunchtime clubs that enable engagement in regular physical activity.
  • Our school has a good reputation for PE and sport.
  • Using specialist sports coaches has enabled higher quality of PE.
  • We now offer a broader range of sports – some new sports have been experienced (e.g. fencing and archery).
  • Our pupils have competed in a range of tournaments throughout the year.

We have identified the following priorities for 2018/19: 

  • Further develop lunchtime provision – offer different sports, encourage more children to engage in a greater range of activities
  • Develop the role of pupil sports leaders (Harpur Heroes)
  • Use specialist coaches to train staff and develop their teaching of PE.
  • Offer an even wider range of sports.
  • Involve a wider group of children in tournaments.  

      Sports Premium Plan 2018-19