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21st August 2019 -Team Harpur's AGM at The Parks Inn at 7:00 all welcome









Team Harpur is the school's parent and teacher association (PTA).  Every parent is automatically a member of the Team Harpur, which is an umbrella organisation of parents and friends of the school, who work together to support it. This can be through fun events, fundraising, welcoming new parents to the school and occasionally, consultation meetings.




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 2nd prize in Buxton Carnival 2019  


Team Harpur 1st prize in Buxton Carnival procession 2018  1st prize in Buxton Carnival 2018

How does Team Harpur help the school?

In numerous ways!  Fund-raising for important things such as:

  • contributing each year towards the transport costs for school trips;
  • paying for the school's text/email facility known as 'Teachers2Parents';
  • buying each child a present for the Christmas parties;
  • Easter egg hunts;
  • paying for school discos;
  • subsidising visitors fees (e.g. 'The Romans, The Victorians' and many more);
  • enriching the curriculum and supporting children's learning;
  • buying resources needed for the school.  

Having a formal PTA also provides us with indemnity insurance for events that are run by Team Harpur. 


Team Harpur Committee

Rebecca Young - Chair

Louise Mellor and Kim O'Brien - Joint Vice Chair

Bev Golden - Treasurer

Catherine Moore - Assistant Treasurer

Vicky Cantrell and Hayley Yates - Joint Secretaries 


One of the easiest ways to raise money for Harpur Hill Primary School is by logging on to the following website:

2,700 retailers are registered and a percentage of what you spend will be donated to Harpur Hill Primary School's ‘Team Harpur’ at no additional cost to you.