Perfect Parrots (Reception/Year 1) Learning Area









The class teacher is Miss Wallace. 

Here you will find useful and important information that is relevant to your child's learning throughout the year such as their 'learning journeys' as well as letters for parents.  


Learning Journeys 2018/19:

1st Half Term 2nd Half Term 





What is Special About Me? (Rec)

What makes me super?

(Year 1)


Winter Wonderland 

Why did people want to explore the Arctic?  (Year1)




Traditional Tales (Rec)

The Great Fire of London (Year 1)






First 2 weeks continuing with Space

Rest of the term Holidays



Recommended Reads:

Reading and phonics in Reception

  Reading and phonics


Y1 End of Year Expectations (reading, writing and mathematics)

 Y1 expectations