Below are some quotes from our most recent Ofsted inspection report (September 2016):

'Pupils’ personal development is strong. Pupils thrive in a safe and caring school community which is well regarded by parents.'

'children make good progress and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.'

'The new headteacher, supported by key leaders, has accomplished much in a short space of time. She has very high aspirations for the school and its pupils.'

'Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding is promoted well through a broad and rich curriculum which is well represented in their books and in the displays around school. The curriculum has been planned well to ensure that there are opportunities to link reading, writing and mathematics skills with those of other subjects such as science and history.'

'The curriculum is further enriched through a range of visits such as to see the HalleĢ orchestra and the Buxton Opera.' 

'Pupils are proud of their school. Older pupils take on additional responsibilities such as house captains and prefects and act as good role models for younger children in the school. Year 6 pupils support the youngest children at lunchtime, helping them with their meals and chatting to them.'

'Respect and tolerance of others are strengths of the school.' 


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