Snow Procedure

In the event of heavy snow or adverse weather conditions, we will do our best to try and keep school open. However, in extreme circumstances, school may have to be closed.

Parents/carers will receive a text regarding school closure and an announcement will be made on High Peak Radio (106.4 and 103.3 fm) and we will update the school website and Facebook site.  If parents could establish a communication network to reduce the number of telephone calls to school this would be helpful.

If there has been heavy snow overnight, we could also delay opening in order to make the site safe and allow staff time to get to school.

We will notify you by text and radio (as above).

If there is heavy snow during the school day, we will inform you by text of any early collection arrangements. 

Snow Day - March 2018

See below - children's learning for life when school was closed due to the snow. Lots of fun, laughter, looking after pets, baking, making and helping others!