Our classes for 2018/19 are shown in the table below. They are also on the sidebar menu.


Class Name Year Group/s Teacher
Bears Nursery Miss Gough
Terrific Tigers Reception Miss Murray
Perfect Parrots Reception/Year 1 Miss Wallace
Jolly Giraffes Year 1 Miss Marsh
Marvellous Monkeys Year 2 Mrs McNamara
Lovely Leopards Year 2 Miss Samadram
Rowan Year 3/4 Miss Carver
Ash Year 3/4 Mrs Green
Willow Year 3/4 Mr Kilgallon
Birch Year 5 Mr White
Elm Year 5 Miss Wetton
Oak Year 6 Mrs Nutall
Maple Year 6 Mrs Rushworth


Class Learning

By clicking on a class in the sidebar menu , you will find useful information about learning journeys, letters to parents and other supportive materials (e.g. national end of year expectations, SATS etc.).

For more information on all learning journeys:

 Learning Journeys Overview