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Guidance on infection Control in School and Other Childcare settings

Medication in school

First Aid Policy

Asthma Policy 


We only administer medication to children who require it four or more times a day.

If your child requires medication to be administered four time a day, a medication form must be obtained from the school office, or print on the following link:

School Medication Record Sheet 

One form per medication required.  Please complete your child's form and pass to the school office with the medication.  We ask that you collect any medication from the office after school.   Your child will be given the medication by the office staff as requested.


Fruit at break time 

As part of a Government scheme, to try to encourage children to eat fruit; every day each INFANT child is given a piece of fruit. 

The fruit is free and varies from apples, satsumas, tomatoes, bananas and pears to carrots.

The School Food Plan has revised standards for food and drink in schools.  Milk now plays a prominent part.  Milk is free to all our Infant children.