Multiplication Tables

Rapid recall of times tables is very important for fluency in mathematics and is a skill that can be transferred to other areas of maths, such as fractions. It is therefore very important that your child is given opportunities to practise their times tables on a regular basis.


Times Tables Rockstars (On-line learning)


We have introduced 'Times Tables Rockstars' to our Y3 and Y4 children. This is a website which enables your child to practise their times tables skills. Your child will be set homework to complete on the TTRockstars website each week; this may involve playing a set number of practise games, or trying to improve their “rock speed”.

How the website works:

Your child will be given a login to access the website.  When your child logs in, they will need to choose a rock star name and an avatar (their own rock star). Once they have done this, it will give them the opportunity to practise their times tables by playing 1 of 4 game types:

  • Garage – this is where your child can practise the times tables which have been specifically set for them by their teacher.

  • Studio – this is where your child can check how fast they are able to recall all of their tables up to 12 x 12.

  • Arena – this is where pupils can challenge other pupils in their class.

  • Festival – this is where pupils can challenge other pupils their age from around the world (please note that pupils are unable to talk to others on the game).


As your child plays each game, they will receive virtual coins for each correct answer which they can then use in the virtual shop to buy items for their avatars e.g. a new guitar or new hair. The more coins they earn, the better the equipment they can buy for their character.  

For more information, click on the link below: