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Early Writing

Please see the leaflets attached below for how to support your child with writing at each stage of their early development. 

'Write with me' tips for Parents

For ages 6 - 12 months

For ages 1 - 2 years

For ages 2 - 3 years

For ages 3 - 4 years

For ages 4+ years


Writing in Reception and Year One

To ensure that children are getting the most from their writing tasks at home we would like to share a few tips about early writing with you:

  • Always ensure your child has their phonics grid when completing writing tasks.
  • Don’t worry about spelling mistakes – at this age we expect children to spell phonetically. So, let your child sound out the word and write it independently. (You could write the correct spelling above the word if you wanted to, after they have finished and only if they ask for help as we don’t want them to feel their writing isn’t good enough).

For example, if your child wanted to write 'The giant is wearing a hat to keep his head warm' and wrote it like this 'The jighant is wairing a hat to keep his hed worm' - this would be fine (even though some words are spelt incorrectly they are phonetically plausible and exactly what we expect at this stage).

  • When writing a word, encourage your child to listen to the sounds in the word- use your Fred Fingers to count the sounds.
  • If your child is unsure of how to write a sound, encourage them to have a look at their phonics grid to help them.
  • In Reception, some children will be able to write a simple sentence whilst some children will be at the stage of writing words and labels. This is ‘typical and usual’ development.

When your child is writing a word, encourage them to follow these steps;

  1. Say the word out loud 3 times.
  2. Count how many sounds are in your word using your Fred Fingers.
  3. Write your word, sounding out each word, using your Fred Fingers and phonics grid to help.

   When your child is writing a sentence encourage them to follow these steps;

  1. Say the sentence out loud 3 times.
  2. Count how many words are in your sentence.
  3. Write your sentence, sounding out each word, using your phonics grid to help.
  4. Read your sentence to check it makes sense.
  5. Check you have the perfect sentence. Do you have a capital letter to start? Finger spaces in between words? A full stop at the end of your sentence?