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Swimming lessons for selected children from Year 6 on Tuesdays

Dear Parents/Guardians please be aware of the following rules: 

Swimwear must be suitable for the purpose and preferably of a dark colour to enable the swimmer to be seen clearly underwater. Girls must wear a one-piece swimming costume and boys must wear swimming trunks.  The School Swimming Teacher may allow boys to wear appropriate shorts: however these must not be below the knee.  Large baggy shorts will impede the pupil’s movement in the water, as well as restrict the view of the teachers in seeing the movement that limbs and joints are making in the water. 

Goggles should only be allowed exceptionally, when chemicals in the water may adversely affect eyes.  Goggles should be made of unbreakable plastic or rubber materials and children taught to use then correctly and safely prior to their attendance at the pool.  Pupils who wish to wear goggles must have a permission slip signed by their parent / guardian / carer. This was included on the Consent form which you have already completed. 

Swimming Hats. It is highly recommended that children, particularly those with long hair, wear swimming hats and the Swimming Teachers would be very grateful if you would comply to this request. 

Jewellery/watches must be removed prior to the swimming lessons (plasters covering newly pierced parts of the body must be removed together with the jewellery before a child will be allowed to swim).  Please be advised that anyone with freshly pierced ears (or other body piercings) will be excluded until such time that the jewellery can be removed.  It is advisable that any pupils that wish to have body piercing do so at the beginning of the School Summer holidays. 

Safety medi-alert bracelets or necklaces should be removed and given to the Adult in Charge for safe keeping during the swimming lesson and returned to the pupil immediately the pupil exits from the water.  If the bracelet is unable to be removed it may be taped over securely with waterproof tape.   

Swimming lessons for individuals must be taken outside school hours