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Dear Parents,

We would like to keep you updated on the changes we have recently made to reading within school. Traditionally we have always endeavoured to hear the children read individually twice a week. As a staff we realise that this is not the best use of the teacher and TA time. Therefore, we are now having a guided reading session each day to support the children with reading and comprehension.

This means that within a week your child will be heard read once a week with their class teacher and once a week with a TA. We have parent helpers that come into school and hear the children read so there are still opportunities for quiet, one to one reading times. This means your child should be heard read individually once a week and in a group twice a week. We still encourage you to hear, and share a book, with your child for approximately ten minutes each night.

Guided reading is a twenty-minute small group lesson with children working with other children at their reading stage of development. In Key Stage 1 the focus is on teaching the skill of reading, applying phonic knowledge, using expression, teaching children how to read in their head and children showing their understanding of what has been read at a literal level and beginning to discuss the hidden meanings. Children are also encouraged to read independently of the adult and discuss what they understood from their reading

As teachers we are continually assessing your child within the guided reading lessons and on a termly basis. Be assured, like all subjects, reading is a high priority within our school and if you have any queries or concerns about how we are now teaching reading then please do not hesitate to ask.